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January 2020: Nagymama and her lifelong friend Marlene in Santa Barbara

2019 December: On Steve's birthday Randi serenaded Steve: Showing up is what you do
2019 October 2: Cousin Gershon Burstyn wrote: The Torah Rises Once More, a story about Vera neni (his mother) and Judy neni in the Holocaust.

2019 September: 5780 New Year's Card

June 2019: Nagymama at Leslie's boxing class

2019: Steve is enjoying math videos, especially Mathologer and Numberphile
2019 March: Steve had some Purim fun: Moishe, Purim, and de pushke. A version was published in The CBE Star.

2019 March: Steve has started posting essays.

2018 May: Remembering Marcia

2018 January: Shari has an online portfolio.

MLK Day 2018: Deb & Shari at charity knitting. (Yes, I know it's rotated. No, I don't know how to fix it. Click on the image for a larger properly oriented image.)

December 2017: Nagymama toasts the holidays.

2017 December: Neil started a blog: MIDDLE AGED MUSING ON FUN ADVENTURES AND STUFF.

2017 November: Steve wrote about learning math for kids of all ages.

2017 January: Steve interviewed David Culler on directions in Data Science

2016 October: Neil volunteered with PATHSTAR - Swimming From Alcatraz - One Stroke at a Time

2016 June: Neil started a blog at Cisco

April 2016: A short bio of Nagypapa written for an art exhibition at The Museum of Fine Art in Budapest, part of a group show with Andras Borocz.

March 2016: How Can I Help Stop the Lionfish Invasion?
I have created a video to inform people about the lionfish invasion. In this video, I included information from both stages of Foundational Learning, my skills in iMovie, and my experiences from my trip to Belize. This video also includes mini clips of interviews, and words that communicate what the lionfish invasion is, and why it is a problem. My hope is that after people watch the video, they will have an understanding about what's going on with the lionfish and a way of helping to stop the invasion. The purpose of this video is to educate people, and bring attention to the lionfish issue. My video follows an outline. It starts with mini interviews and words to get across what the situation is. The questions start general, for example, "Do you care about the ocean?" and "Do you like fish?" After each question is talked about, words pop up to deliver the real information, which is how my research is included. As the video goes on, the interview questions get more specific to lionfish and the invasion. For example, "What do you think of this fish?" (when showing a picture of a lionfish), and "What do you think of when I say the word invasive?" With the questions I ask and the information I display in the video, I cover the main categories that I originally researched in Foundational Learning. Once I cover my research, I dive into my experience. Communicating my experience from Belize is incredibly important because it was a huge part of my project. I show clips of lionfish, coral reefs, and pictures I took. With this video, I hope to inform people about the problems involving lionfish, which is how I am going to help stop the lionfish invasion.

October 2015: Nagymama and Nina, Halloween style.

October 2015: Nagymama at Alzheimer's walk: three miles.

March 2015: Nagymama at Big Sur and in Encinitas. Teaching Georgette's granddaughter Piasley to knit.

2014 December 27: Deb & Neil offered these words at Nina's Bat Mitzvah. Here are some pics from Friday night.

October 2014: Nagymama's on the move with the Moldaw Movers.

May 2014: Nagymama is celebrated on her birthday by the hiking community and then by "The Neils."

Spring 1983: Anyuci and Karen visited Hungary.

January 2014: Nagymama and I joined Andras, Robbin, and Maya for a delicious lunch: nagyon finom!

2014 December 27: Deb & Neil offered these words at Nina's Bat Mitzvah.

December 2013
Leslie dances on eggshells, once again crossing science and dance.
Leslie, Adam, and Naomi at the 2013 MIT Christmas Israeli dance marathon.

November 2013: Nagymama sets the mezuzah: likboa mezuzah.

September 2013: Holocaust Garden with Holocaust Stone. Nagypapa composed the inscription engraved on the stone.

5774 Musings: Neil mentioned the first of these in preparation for blasting this year, and the second is food for thought.

August 2013: Nagymama at Camp Avenidas

August 2013: Nagymama's new doors as she thinks about moving on: door v'door.

May 2013: Happy 83rd Birthday Nagymama!
(no, I don't know why they are sideways. Click them to fix them.)

19 May 2013 - At The Next Chapter's graduation ceremony, Jacob Koen gave a speech entitled: It's Possible: A Tribute to George Heller Z'L. And, here's a video of Jacob's talk followed by Neil remarks.

April 2013: Nagypapa's memorial service was on 24 April 2013, and he was lovingly remembered.

Donations in memory of George Heller to the JFCS Holocaust Center (2150 Post Street, San Francisco, CA 94115) will be directed to Holocaust education.

April 2013: Becca's Grinnell Frisbee Team bio: Becca comes from Acton, Massachusetts, home of the mind-blowing, majestic, and talented New England Patriots. Outside of her frisbee life, she co-founded Grinnell's Almost Midnight Breakfast Club, and shares all the feels at Grinnell Monologues. Becca takes great pride in her skill at Bananagrams, frequently acts like a velociraptor, and has perfected a unique "cross-the-field-grandpa-wave."

March 2013: Nagypapa's 89th birthday, with Nagymama.

February 2013: Steve's colleagues at Quanta Research Cambridge are collaborating with an MIT research team on video magnification. A blog appeared in the NY Times on 27 Feb 13 with the following video. There is also an article in The Atlantic

September 2012: Becca has joined the Sticky Tongue Frogs, Grinnell's Women's Ultimate (frisbee) Team.

2012 July 27: Steve told stories at CBE: Devarim: Words and Stories

July 2012: Nagypapa's Thursday computer group has a new website: Friends of George.

2012: Best of Division, hand knitting, San Diego County Fair.

June 2012: Adam and Becca graduated from High School.

May 2012: Steve's colleagues (Hao-Yu Wu, Michael Rubinstein, Eugene Shih, John Guttag, Fredo Durand, and William T. Freeman) published Eulerian Video Magnification for Revealing Subtle Changes in the World in the Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 2012 (movie --- YouTube --- PDF). Here are some other mentions:

Revealing Invisible Changes in the World, created for the NSF International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge 2012.

I Programmer: Super Seeing - Eulerian Magnification

Imaging Resource, an online photography site comments: Is baby still breathing? Find out... from a video!

MIT News: Researchers amplify variations in video, making the invisible visible: New software amplifies changes in successive frames of video that are too subtle for the naked eye

2011: My College friend Kathy's dad, UC Berkeley Professor Hsu, received ASME's lifetime achievement award, the J.P. Den Hartog Award.

As described in ASME's magazine listing its 2011 honors: The J.P. Den Hartog Award, established by the Design Engineering Division in 1987 and elevated to an ASME award in 2010, recognizes lifetime contributions to the teaching and practice of vibration engineering. Chieh-Su Hsu, Ph.D., professor of applied mechanics, emeritus, at the University of California, Berkeley, is recognized for seminal contributions to vibration education and nonlinear dynamics. On the faculty of UC Berkeley since 1958, Dr. Hsu has educated thousands of students and has had a significant impact on the success of their professional careers. His research activities have been primarily in the areas of solid mechanics and dynamical systems, with accomplishments in areas including parametrically excited dynamical systems and global analysis of nonlinear dynamical systems. Dr. Hsu's publications include Cell-to-Cell Mapping-A Method of Global Analysis for Nonlinear Systems (SpringerVerlag, 1987).

May 2012: In celebration of Nagymama's eighty-second birthday,

Nagypapa, Neil, Debbie, Eva, and Nina took Nagymama for brunch at the Cliff House in San Francisco.

April 29, 2012: Sandy Currier gave a talk: This I Believe: Yoga, Motorcycles, and Lobsong.

This photo of Shari on Sandy's bike was taken in July, 2006.

April 2012: Nina (grade 5) is making an inexpensive calculating device that fits in a shirt pocket. She took about 15 minutes to construct her set of Napier's Bones using craft sticks that cost about two cents for all ten sticks.

April 1st, 2012: Quanta in the Press - In hunt for low-energy computing, QRC rediscovers Napier's Bones

March 18, 2012: Leslie was honored at the Boston Israel Folk Dance Festival

Announcement on festival website (link will eventually break)

PDF of festival announcement

December 2011

Barry & Morris are youngsters who live in Taiwan. After watching this video, they wanted to fly to Boston to fight the Kung Fu Monkey.

This video is on my Youtube.com channel: SteveHeller19.

Fall 2011

September 2011: Grammie and Tuki

When Tuki was 6 months old he came into my life. He was the pup that I fell in love with "on-line" and had to convince Burt that he could become a part of our family. He is still MY dog (although he has bonded with Burt) and has been training for several months to become a Therapy Dog with the "Heeling Friends" program. I am pleased to let you know that after much training, he/we passed the test given at Yampa Valley Medical Center. He is now a member of the Intermountain Therapy Animals organization.

My goal to give back to the community was to participate in the R.E.A.D. (Reading Education Assistance Dogs) program. This means we will be part of a team going to the elementary school and the library as reading companions for children.

We are looking forward to having a great volunteer job here in Steamboat Springs.

September 16, 2011

Happy Anniversary Nagymama & Nagypapa!

July 2011: Adam met up with Adam and Andras while in Budapest as part of the Szarvas Fellowship.

Julia McLellan was Nagypapa's Mentor at MIT - see the letter to the editor in the July/August 2011 issue of Technology Review. Look for the heading "Letters," and then look for "An MIT Mentor."

June 2011

Erika was confirmed at Temple Solel.

Steve in the Chicken Blog.

May 2011

Nina and Debbie demonstrate double-tree mommy-and-me yoga ... namaste.

Nina's dollhouse.

Becca ran for the position of Social Action & Tikkun Olam Vice President of the New England Region of USY (NERUSY) giving this speech.

May 2011

Erika and Steve appear in ChickenBlog AGAIN!

Nagymama's psychedelic art on our virtual refrigerator.

A picture taken at the Senior Center in Redwood City where Nagymama teaches a Digital Photo class.

Steve is quoted in this Boston Herald article: Head-turning contraption combines elliptical, bicycle by Joshua Walovitch.

May 2011

May 1, 2011: Nagypapa spoke at a Temple Beth Torah (Fremont) Yom HaShoah Holocaust Remembrance Service; Neil made the introduction.

May 4: Nagypapa was the featured speaker at the Yom HaShoah V'Ggvurah observance at Kehillah Jewish High School in Palo Alto.

May 13: Nagypapa was the featured guest speaker at a Holocaust observance program in Mountain View CA.

A blog about nagypapa entitled "George Heller --- The Most Interesting Man In The Room" was posted on October 18, 2010 including this YouTube video

March 10, 2011: Steve dJ is quoted in this article: Nordson ASYMTEK Mentors Students in the FIRST Robotics Competition in San Diego

March 9, 2011: Nagypapa was the guest luncheon speaker of the Menlo Park, California Rotary Club. He spoke about his experiences as a slave laborer and a Concentration Camp inmate during World War II, and how he rebuilt his life in the United States and his work as a computer scientist.

March 2011: Nagypapa's climbing goes back over a dozen years; he climbs on most Saturday mornings at the Palo Alto Y. In recent years, birthday climbs have been documented. Happy Birthday Nagypapa!

Spring 2011:
87th Birthday Climb
Spring 2010:
86th Birthday Climb
Spring 2009:
85th Birthday Climb
Spring 2008:
84rd Birthday Climb

Spring 2007:
83rd Birthday Climb
Spring 2006:
82nd Birthday Climb
Spring 2005:
81st Birthday Climb

February 2011: Nagypapa was interviewed by the Almanac after addressing Menlo-Atherton High School students about his Holocaust experience.

January 2011: Erika and Steve appear in ChickenBlog.

December 2010: From the online version of the January 2011 issue of Technology Review.

An Inspiring Story: I read with great interest the recent profile of George Heller '59 ("Choosing to Climb," July/August 2010). Against seemingly insurmountable odds, Heller was able to gather the strength to persevere, pursue his dreams, and affect the lives of so many others in such a positive way. I am inspired by his story. Thank you for highlighting his incredible experience.
Alex Padilla '94, California State Senator, 20th District

November 2010: Get Well Video for Ilana

A boy in Ilana's school made this get well video with the following note:

One week ago, a terrible thing happened to a girl in my school named Ilana. Since last week, she has been doing really well, and she is almost all better now :-).

November 2010

Nagymama and her new car.

Tante Klari (at 97) and her favorite dog.

October 2010: Ilana picking a pumpkin. Never eat anything bigger than your head.

September 2010: Wagner Ádám went on a 240 km long hiking trip, a team competition with 2 or 3 members in each team.

Neil & Steve and Neil & Sam at the Pirate on the back side of Old La Honda

Neil & Steve and Neil & Sam at the Pirate on the back side of Old La Honda

July 2010: Nagymama attends PAWMA (Pacific Association of Women Martial Artists)

I had a great day today with the Pacific Association of Women Martial Artists.

I started the day at 6:30am participating in a Danzan Ryu Movement class. This was followed by Contemporary Hula. My next class was a Lower Body Roots where we tried to connect with our pelvic bones working on longitudinal alignment.

After lunch I did Power Drumming and had a lot of fun. Loud noises always bother me, but the drumming got me in my guts. A very different kind of noise.

I then tried Cane the Ultimate Weapon. I gave up on that one.

My last activity was Acupuncture Happy Hour.

The whole day felt as if a yoke had been lifted off my shoulders.

July 2010

Blueberry picking

Adam dancing at Ramah: Machon and Nivonim Dance Kishroniyah

July 2010: Snowbird, UT (CRA Conference)

Hanging out with David & Andrew

Hiking with David & Deborah

June 2010

Ilana and friends at Walden Pond

June 2010: "Choosing to Climb" is the title of Nagypapa's life story, the feature article in the July/August Issue of Technology Review, online. See also an additional picture story.

June 2010: "Choosing to Climb" is the title of Nagypapa's life story, the feature article in the July/August Issue of Technology Review, online. See also an additional picture story.

The Hellers' apple strudel recipe: (low, medium, or high) resolution

May 2010

Adam on visual vocabulary day.

A Brief, Incomplete, and Mostly Wrong History of Programming Languages

Rip's Big Bowl Breakfast: raw oats, grape nuts, toasted wheat & flax seed, soluble fiber, plant proteins, raisins, walnuts, ground flax seed, blueberries, banana, grapefruit, mango

May 2010

Happy 80th Birthday Nagymama!

I'm pretty intrigued by the Elliptigo stand-up bike.

I tried it on 5/17/2010 with Bryan Pate and ordered one for July delivery.

April 2010

Camp Nagymama: April 2010

Do I look like a Californian?
We went to lunch.

Spring 2010, 86th birthday climb official photo!

Winter/Spring 2010: A familiar face spotted at the Canyon Crest Academy, Del Mar Heights, CA. The event was a Booster Rally and sponsor thank you for this year’s First Robotics and First Tech Challenge teams. A successful Rookie Year for both teams.

Shari and her gymnastics teammates were written up in the local paper: Locals Represent 10.0 Club Well (PDF)

14 March 2010: PBDC (Prozdor's Best Dance Crew): Adam danced with Nilhav at the Boston's annual Israel Folkdance Festival. Naomi and Leslie also danced, all with different crews.

Happy Birthday Neil! The cake looks yummy (Mmmm ... chocolate). From the looks of your cake, in Israel you'd be preparing for your Bar Mitzvah.

Kathy recently visited her step-grandmother, Erich's widow Adrie where she obtained this photo of the brothers Biss: Standing are Norbert (Weiss), Karl (Kathy's great-grandfather), and Siggi (Sigmund); sitting on the right seems to be Joseph Nathan (Grandpa's father). Kathy also sends the biking photo and writes, "In this brilliant 1937 photo of my grandfather and Leo on Leo's motorbike, with their skis strapped on to the side, the boys are off on an expedition! Leo and my grandfather were great mates before the war (both were handbag makers) well before he got together with Herta!"

Purim Shpiel 2010

Deb played the simple child: Hi.

Paul Friedman's photos

March 2010: Birthday fruit cake for Nagypapa and the main course.

February 2010: Steve as the voice of Haman, husband of Zeresh

December 2010: Deb's book group was featured in an article in the local paper.

Fall 2009 --- Kid Vids: Sam Sails 1, Sam Sails 2, and Ilana Rides

Click the triangle to play, and the lower right icon for full screen.

October 2009

Nat, Steve, Neil, & Steve rode the Riverbank Cheese & Wine Century

From Congregation Beth Jacob, Redwood City, CA
Greetings! We will celebrate Simchat Torah in our typically raucous fashion this Saturday evening, October 10, starting at 7:00 p.m. These festivities are appropriate for all ages. The merriment continues on Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. with Simchat Torah services accompanied by spontaneous song and dance. It is a unique piece of our annual ritual calendar, and we urge you to come check it out if you have never attended this service before. We will honor David Smilovitz as Hatan Torah and George Heller as Hatan B'reishit.

September 2009

Ilana glows as she returns trimuphantly from her longest ride to date, which Shari captured on video.

Shari's first day of unicycle practice.

Sept 2009: Kai Schneider visits the CA Hellers

September 2009

Three generations of Heller men, then and now: Nagypapa, Neil, & Sam. Who's your daddy?

September 2009

Nagypapa at the cold soup party.

9/8: Ilana learning to ride a unicycle (video: .mov & .m4v).
9/18: Ilana riding a unicycle (video: .mov & .m4v).
9/21: Ilana free-mouning her unicycle (video: .mov & .m4v).

Shana Tova Umetuka (video)

June 2009

Steve's in Beijing, China again.

Neil began blogging.

Nagypapa donned his red coat and marched as part of his fiftieth MIT reunion.

Nina took Neil and Steve for a ride.

Ilana and Christalle ... a while ago

April 09, Regionals

Nagypapa "operates" Babbage's Difference Engine No. 2 at the Computer History Museum (CHM) in Mountain View CA. on May 23, 2009. The visit was part of a Memorial Service for Dick Delp, a docent at the CHM, arranged by Nagymama and Nagypapa. A longtime friend of the family, Dick was our teacher, mentor and role model whose immense knowledge of computers had greatly benefited the maintenance of the Hellers' computers' good health.

April/May 2009

A glowing Nagymama: Pura Vida!

Nagypapa received Congressional and State recognition (below).

Neil is blogging.

Steve Presented Alisa Laufer's Bat Mitzvah Gift

10 Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know

Steve's colleague Matt recommended this web browser readability plugin.

A "Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition" and a personal letter "proud to honor your dedication to academic excellence and achievement in our schools" by Glen W. Thoman, Secretary of Education of the State of California, both dated April 26, 2009 were presented to Nagypapa at the Peninsula Temple Sholom religious school dedication of the new Holocaust Memorial Garden created by the seventh grade students. Nagypapa was one of three Holocaust Survivors honored this way at this special celebration.

April 2009

Steve in Sechuan Province: Leshan Giant Buddha Park. The kids often take travel pics doing handstands ... .

Steve in Singapore: Simon took me in his '65 MG for kopi (coffee with condensed milk), kopi-O (coffee black), and hong dao sah (red bean paste soup). Yum yum yum.

April 2009

17 April: Steve spoke at CBE: The Shoah's Influence on my Family

Nagypapa wrote this biography for his MIT 50th reunion.

Ilana took the plunge at MIT with BAD West (pics & videos).

26 April: At Congregation Beth Jacob, as Nagymama and Nagypapa were presented the Chesed Award, Neil spoke on Tikkun Olam as a Way of Life

My friend dd circulated this excellent list at Sun for opting out of physical mail you no longer want to receive: Abacus Opt Out - OptOutPrescreen - Catalog Choice - Ecological Mail - Eco Future

Whole Foods is accepting type 5 plastic (yogurt containers) for recycling through their Gimme 5 Program.

March 2009
At Eva's Bat Mitzvah
Hiking: Becca and Steve

Berlin: A couple of quite sharp Sun Campus ambassadors, Andrew McFarlane and Thomas Kruse, interviewed Steve at Sun's European Research Conference.

Honey sent me "The Hebrew Mamita" Vanessa Hidary (Def Poetry) - aka "You don't look Jewish"

Moses is Departing Egypt: A Facebook Haggadah

March 2009

Deb & Ilana were in the Purim Shpiel ... again. Photos thanks to Marsha Martin.

Paul Friedman also took shpiel photos: Just click on http://paulfriedmanphotography.com/, go to "Proofing" and enter "shpiel2009" in the password.

Video of Ruach Aviv practicing for the 2009 Israel Folkdance Festival at MIT. Who's that chick in the audience so into the dancing?

March 2009

Happy 85th Birthday Nagypapa!!!

What I have learned (video, 2.3MB)

Some words about the Holocaust (video, 6.9MB)

My Bar Mitzvahs were simple affairs (video, 2.7MB)

Nagypapa climbs the wall almost every week, but I don't usually get to watch. In the second photo we can see him as he scampered up the wall ... with determination.

Feb 2009

Nina visited her future Alma Mater: Cal!

Adam & Evan are in a Boston Globe Article

Steve wrapped as part of the Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs World-Wide Wrap

Shari helped advertise for her gym: 10.0 Academy

My friend Roger is restoring has dad Gerald's music

The dJ Remodeling Project continues ...

Interview with Jonathan Biss

3 Jan 09: Nisha & Prabhakar wed alongside Divakar, Gita, and Arvind

Jan 09: Judy neni

Nov 07: Alyssa & Danny

Let's Play Pretend video (about the Israeli/Palestinian situation)

Uncle Jay Explains 2008

Brian Detlefs onstage in UMiami Theater "Run Away with Me"

December 2008

Happy 2009 from Nagymama es Nagypapa!

Christmas supper at Sherman's Deli in Palm Springs

29 Dec: Ilana's directions for caring for Jimmy

December 2008

Camp Nagymama 2008 (more photos available)

Adam Sandler's Chanukah Song
Cowboy derydl song
Boogie Woogie Hannukah

December 2008

Cousin Eva visited Lompoc and Menlo Park

The Knitwits made apple strudel using the Strudel-Makers' Flow Chart

December 2008

6 Dec 08: Shari in the RI Invitational Gym Meet
bars (0.8MB & 2.1MB) beam (2.2MB & 5.8MB) floor (3.4MB & 9.1MB) vault (0.3MB & 0.9MB)

Shari's friend Kelly also does gymnastics (2 Nov 08)
bars (1MB & 2.5MB) beam (2.6MB & 7MB) floor (3.3MB & 8.5MB) vault (0.4MB & 0.9MB)

6 Dec 08: Deb made Steve a geodesic cap.

The Neils came in for Alyssa's Bat Mitzvah. The cousins are in age order.

An old geek favorite: Mr. Ascii does the Macarena.

22 Nov 2008: Nina scores a GOAL!

Neil has been riding in late November:
Short finger ride on 27 Nov 08
Long finger ride on 28 Nov 08

Nagypapa in Iceland in 2006
Steve in Austin in 2008

A resemblance? ... a new family tradition?

Fall 2008: Ilana's Art

November 2008

Celebrating Sam's Birthday

Oct 2008: Joan, Burt, Grammy, Deb, & Stuart

2003 & 2008: Nagymama then and now

Election 2008

October 2008

4 October: Deb saw the CO Grands ... who look grand!

9 October: On Yom Kippur, Neil participated in a panel discussion of children of Holocaust survivors.

17 October: Shaving in a friend's sukkah.

October 2008

1 October: Yvonne, Rudi, Astrid, and Michael dining with Steve

5 October: Ilana, Shari, & Steve picked apples at Phil's Apples in Harvard MA. Phil took a break from pressing fresh macintosh cider to pose for a photo.

September 2008

Nagymama (looking young and thin) & the boys

28 September: Old friend Alex attended his 30th HS reunion in the general vicinity.

27 September: Neil & Steve rode up Page Mill Road, and down the backside of Old LaHonda, returning on 84. The photo was taken on the backside of OLH at the pirate skull. Neil commented, "42 miles, 3500 feet, and home in time to have breakfast with the family. Could it get any better than this?"

3 October: Demonstrating the secret ninja-biking technique taught by Neil-sensei last week at the Woodside Bakery for carrying delectables home: almond macaroons --- yum.

Schelp to Florida for Obama

September 2008

dJ Remodel - Field tile going up ... that's the wavy stuff.

New dJ ride: 400cc, 35hp, 420lb, 50+mpg (actual, so far), 85+mph (so they say), Auto CVT, no clutch, no shifting (it is a "Scooter"). Fun and easy to ride!

Steve with High School friends Joel and Steve at their Arlington High School 25th Reunion in 2003.

Digging through some old papers, I stumbled across an unpublished very short "paper" I wrote in 1987, Exploiting the Generation Gap. You might enjoy it. Or not. I tried to publish it in CACM since they had published Lieberman's seminal GC paper, but they rejected it, and I gave up. Section 2.4 suggests combining a copying young space with a mark-and-sweep old space, now the basis for almost all modern generational garbage collectors. I don't know if there was an earlier publication with that idea (Ungar's 1984 paper, Generation scavenging: A non-disruptive high performance storage reclamation algorithm, doesn't quite get there: "Generation Scavenging ... reclaims old objects offline"). In any case, at least I can share it now.

August 2008: How Wonderful That: A D'var Torah for Parshat Eikev: At a temple meeting on 20 August 2008, Neil gave this Dvar Torah.

July 2008: Shari & Becca rode Sandy's hog.

An interesting blog: Half of Me

Nagymama wrote a note about collecting stuff.

Becca attended Camp Takodah.

Prof. Andrew attempted a 600K ride and lived to tell the story.

July 2008

Siegels in the Grand Canyon

Becca got a job at gym camp.

June 2008: Nina and Nagypapa cool in the pool.

Camp Nagymama Camp Siegel
Walden Pond Departure: Logan

June 2008

Erika visited the Hub.

Michael & Astrid arrived.

June 2008

AB travel soccer: 2002-2008 (Becca's team, pics thanks to Kathy S)
(2005-2006 Season)

Tony Printezis showed his photos at Starbucks, at the Marketplace at Burlington, 84 Burlington Mall Road, Burlington, MA.

Check out this beautiful animation of a proof of Pythagoras' Theorem by Jim Morey. Here's another one (from this Wikipedia article).

June 2008
Naomi's Dance Recital Gym Steve and the gym girls
at the 2008 Visa Gymnastics Championship
at Boston University.

June 2008: Erika's Second Wedding: Temple Solel

1 June 2008: Leslie danced with Bustan Boston in NYC as part of the Israel Parade and celebration. Check out the first few seconds of this clip --- Leslie's in the last line of dancers near the middle.

1 June 2008: Nagypapa and Nagymama attended the Shalhevet 2008 Siyyum (Graduation) at the Holocaust Center of Northern California (HCNC) in San Francisco. They were the two Holocaust survivors who accompanied Shalhevet 2007 to Poland and to Israel.

My colleague David alerted me to this talk: John Pucher, "Cycling for Everyone: Key to Public and Political Support," keynote address at the 2007 National Bike Summit, League of American Bicyclists, Washington, DC, March 16, 2007. (video & slides)

8 May 2008: Nagypapa gave a talk about his Holocaust experiences during World War II in the Social Studies class of Mr. Roni Habib at Gunn High School in Palo Alto California.

20 May 2008 Nagypapa was interviewed by Adnan Alam, a student of Dr. Victoria Harrison's Holocaust Literature course at San Jose State University, as reported in Alam's paper, It's Possible and the corresponding presentation.

27-28 May 2008: (see image to left) Nagypapa gave two talks about his Holocaust experiences at Menlo Atherton High School in Atherton, California in the World Studies classes of Social Studies teacher Kai Lee-Hay. The multi media talk included the online use of the hellers.ws web space in the classroom and a large photographed poster showing his climbing a 20 foot rock wall on his 84th birthday. The top of the wall displays a four foot sign that reads �It�s Possible.�

10 May 2008: Becca attends her first USY Spring Convention as "Fox in Sox" as part of Suessy NERUSY.

14 May 2008: Becca was elected LUSY Freshman Representative.

18 May 2008: Our friend Don Quixoban debuted in Therater III's production of Man of La Mancha.

26 May 2008: dj remodel update: Master Bath/Shower

May 2008: At the 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration of Vera and Hy Burstyn, Linda read this message, sent to them by Nagypapa and Nagymama.

2 May 2008: A bunch of Thunkos gathered for lunch.

rlk took these pics

and this video and this video and this video and this video.

9 May 08: The Gearheadz (Lawrence HS Robotics Team) visited Sun.

28 April 2008. Nagypapa participated in the Holocaust Memorial Ceremony of the California State Assembly in Sacramento. Here he appears with his two interviewers, following the ceremony outside the California State Capitol building.

The California State Assembly designated the week of April 28�May 4, 2008 as California Holocaust Memorial Week. The ceremony was attended by Holocaust survivors from many of the Assembly districts of the State of California. Nagypapa was among the survivors honored on this occasion. His story, written by two students from Summit Preparatory Charter High School is featured on pages 7-8 (or 15-16, depending on how you count) of the 236 page volume prepared for the occasion telling the stories of the survivors attending the ceremony.

1 May 2008: Nagymama and Nagypapa were the featured guest speakers at UC Santa Cruz. Our host was Mari Basseri, one of the Shalhevet 2007 participants. The program, sponsored by UCSC Hillel, included personal stories by students, two short videos on partisans, and a speaker on art in the Concentration Camps. Our talks were followed by a roundtable discussion with extensive student participation. Approximately seventy people attended.

4 May 2008: Steve donned a particular yad t'fillin recently given to him by nagypapa. The t'fillin once belonged to Steve's namesake, nagypapa's brother Istvan, a martyr of the Holocaust. As far as I know, this is all that remains of Pista b�csi. This was the first time I wrapped my arm in this treasure, so I made a shechecheyanu. I'll have to ask nagypapa for another story about his brother.

Passover 5768

(from the CA gang ...) We took a break between seders and Launched 6 travel bugs. "Next year in ??? --- to Acton, Encinitas, Natick, San Carlos, Menlo Park, and Jerusalem!"

(from the Acton gang ...) We participated in our friends the Lovitz's seder by singing: Louie's Four Children.

These Baker Photos
Henry scanned them all and more
And they bring me back

Mid to late 80s

Thanksgiving Dinner
Until Passover Seder
My Beard Keeps Me Warm

16 April 2008: 7am
16 April 2008: 10am

Passover ClimbFishing for LootCounting Loot

5 April 2008: Congratulations Erika on your Bat Mitzvah!!!

From generation to generation to generation ...

Photographer's Gallery

18 April 2008: [Our friend Peter Everett writes:] I just picked up my official Boston Marathon number: 23744. It's real. Tomorrow morning I'll be meeting Lance Armstrong for the final team get-together. It has finally sunk in that I'm really going to do this.

I am going to run the 2008 Boston Marathon, all the way! Partly it is a personal spiritual quest. Partly it is to support a worthy cause. Please visit my fundraising page. I am well below my fundraising goal, and appreciate all contributions large and small. They will go to an organization that fights cancer from a survivor-oriented perspective that I appreciate. The web site makes contributing secure and simple.

If you are interested, you can track my progress, thanks to an electronic tracking chip in my shoe, at http://www.bostonmarathon.org .

29 March 2008: Becca is starting AB Spring Soccer: team meeting.

23 March 2008: Ilana and Deb participated in our Fifth Purim Shpiel. Photos by Paul Friedman, our local favorite professional. Click on the "Proofing" section, and enter password shpiel08.

22 March 2008: Heidi sent me info on this Large Fella on a Bike.

20 March 2008: Our friend Katie died on a college trip abroad. We extend our sincerest condolences to Pat, Jamie, and Charlie.

March 2008

(Little) Eva & Neil's Birthday Dinner

(Big) Eva plays Iris in Sunnyville.

10 March: G. Truman Hunter, Nagypapa's longtime friend and mentor passed away. Nagypapa remembers him as an early missionary who brought computer education to all who could be reached. He was a giant among men, a friend, a mentor, and a role model for many years. His memory will continue to be a blessing.

1990: friend Alex on Lake Powell

Feb/March 2008: Eva rules the San Carlos Courts!

29 February - 9 March: Becca played the thespian Susan in the sold out show High School Musical which ran for six sold out shows.

2 March: Our friend Myrna was serenaded (with backup) by her husband Keith in celebration of her fiftieth. Steve crossed swords with Peter the Red.

The Sirens of the PA YMCA swimming pool: Nagymama and friends

Titan of the PA YMCA climbing wall: Happy 84th Birthday Nagypapa

A coincidence? I'm not going to tell you. Okay okay I'll tell you (with apologies to Dan Gutman, author of Ilana's favorite series, My Weird School). Having recently read Slaughterhouse-five, Steve's reading The Sirens of Titan.

Times have changed at MIT: Boston Herald: Brains and Beauty. Here's the calendar web page.

Ilana, Shari
Fly through the air with great ease
With some of their friends

February 2008

18 Feb: Ilana & Shari took a trapeze class with some friends

2 Feb: Dottie Hilbert was a professional photographer in Acton MA, and we used her services regularly. Sadly, Dottie died.

4 Feb: Danielle Shives, a blind froshling at Frostburg State University majoring in elementary education, just earned her black belt in Tae Kwon Do with the help of Ken Fizer, the student of my friend Ted Hillson, who leads SCTKD.

22 February 2008: A geek I met, Greg, pointed me to xkcd: A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language. "Warning: this comic occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)." Thanks Greg!

January 2008

Drama Night and Crazy Hair Day in Erika's world

Yadeinu Winter 2008 (see page two): summary of and reference to the recent Common Ties article "The Top of the Wall" by nagypapa.

My friend Margaret referred me to me an article by Stanford Professor Carol Dweck, published in Scientific American in December 2007: The Secret to Raising Smart Kids. Dweck also wrote the book Mindset which was recently recommended to me by Laura's mom. Both the article and the book are excellent, as is the March 2007 New York Magazine article, The Power (and Peril) of Praising Your Kids.

Recommended by my friend Anne and also Laura's mom, I finally finished a couple of books by Haim Ginott, Teacher & Child and the classic Between Parent and Child. Marcy loves them too.

Toscanini's, a Cambridge institution, is struggling, but they have reopened. I recommend this Amazon Short: Ice Cream Man: 25 Years at Toscanini's, which you can download for free.

Wally sent me: YouTube - Leonard Nimoy: The Origin of Spock's Greeting

Winter 2008 Holiday and New Year Stuff:
- Happy 2008! Eva sent me the video: Love 2008, Ilana Yahav's Sand Art (more videos)
- HEMA, a Dutch department store has a cool product page, at least for a while.
- YouTube - Chinese Food On Christmas

December 2007

Wendy's Hanukkah House

The Shalhevet 2008 flyer includes a picture of Nagymama and Nagypapa walking in the Majdanek Concentration Camp during their Shalhevet 2007 trip in March 2007.

A Non Sequitur cartoon by Wiley concerning techniques for remembering the Holocaust is posted here.

5 Dec: My colleague Tim, in an attempt to help me find interesting facts about the number 17, pointed me to these curios facts about numbers. Gita and Arvind may know why I was doing this research.

November 2007

Tony Printezis is showing his photos at a couple of different Starbucks in November 2007 and in April 2008.

Becca has joined the cast of her school's production of High School Musical to be put on in the spring of 2008.

Check out Karen's Glass & Jewelry page.

13 October 2007: Steve had the pleasure of watching Mr. Kim preside over a class and a black-belt test at Don Massaro's studio in Port Jefferson, Long Island. It was also a pleasure to see old friends: Pete Michaelson and Jerry Orenstein. Mr. Kim travels east regularly to visit TCS schools.

October 2007

6 Oct: Three generations of Hellers read Torah at Adam's Bar Mitzvah.

Happy Birthday Nina!!!

Nagypapa wrote --- Hatred ... A Brief Response

31 Oct: Rosanna composed and recorded a Spooky Tune. As you listen, you may wish to carve your cyber-pumpkin.

Nagypapa taught a class at the Walter Johnson HS in Montgomery County Maryland during the spring of 1961. Forty-four years later, nagypapa was acknowledged as having introduced CMU Dean & Computer Science Professor Mary Shaw to computers.
International Business Machines (IBM) employee named George Heller from the Washington area participated in an after-school program which taught students about computers; he arranged for the students to visit an IBM facility and run a program on an IBM 709 computer. This was Shaw's introduction to computers.

1 Tishri 5768:

שנה טובה
We wish you a sweet year, filled with Health, Joy, Love, and Peace. Happy 5768!

25 August 2007: Shari & Becca were called to the torah for the first time as B'not Mitzvah.

The dJ Remodel continues

11 August 2007: Steve rode his bike to Camp Takodah via 119 with friends Kevin and Ron to pick up Becca. We rode 59.8 miles at a pace of 16.2 mph, climbing 2500' & descending 1600'.

6 August 2007: Gus posted a couple of videos of his art: mobile & watercolor

8 September 2007: Acharai! Steve presented the Brotherhood gift to Jacob Laufer at his Bar Mitzvah.

June - July 07: On the occasion of Grammy and Burt's Golden Anniversary, we visited Oregon.

She's Singing the Blues
Erika's June recital
And a Jazz Sequence

June 2007

Erika had a recital.

Steve dj turned fifty. Congratulations!

Sam wrote a Middle School Graduation Speech.

Grandma Evelyn Siegel passed away.

18 May 2007: At the Dataflow to Synthesis Retrospective (Arvind@60), Steve led the singing of: We'll Forever Return.

22 May 2007: Karen was granted a patent with her friend Maria Uspenski for an Infuser Tea Pot. See Maria's business: The Tea Spot, based in Boulder.

1 May 2007: Puht Dek opened a Tae Kwon Do School in Omaha.

May 2007: The CA gang hit Disney

Daniel Biss is running for State Representative in the 17th district of Illinois, encompassing parts of the northern Chicago suburbs of Skokie, Evanston, Wilmette, Morton Grove, Glenview, Winnetka, Northbrook, and Northfield. You can support his campaign.

5-19 March: Nagymama and Nagypapa accompanied the Shalhevet 2007 project to Poland and to Israel as the two Holocaust survivors.

15 April 2007. Nagypapa and Nagymama were honored at Congregation Emanu El of San Francisco at the Yom Hashoah V'Hagevurah celebration. Shalhevet 2007 participant Lauren Michaels read a poem "For George and Iby" she wrote after visiting Yad Vashem in Jerusalem as part of the program.

16 April 2007: Nagypapa attended a special session of the California State Assembly in Sacramento, in observance of California Holocaust Memorial Week, April 16-22, 2007. He was seated, with other Holocaust survivors, as a guest of the state legislators on the Assembly floor, while the Assembly passed a special resolution commemorating the Holocaust.

29 April 2007: Nagypapa and Nagymama were the featured speakers of the plenary opening session of the Day of Learning 2007, an annual event of the Holocaust Center of Northern California in San Francisco.

20 May 2007: Nagymama and Nagypapa passed the torch at Shalhevet Graduation.

1 July 2007: "Passing the Shalhevet Torch," was published in the July/August 2007 issue of The Voice, the monthly newsletter of Temple Beth Jacob . See page 7.

July 07 Nagymama and Nagypapa were featured in two articles in the Summer 2007 issue of Yadeinu, (Hebrew for: our hands), the latest newsletter of the Holocaust Center of Northern California. A report of the �Day of Learning� on April 20, 2007, and a report on the Shalhevet 2007 project. The articles include quotes from both Nagymama and Nagypapa A large photograph shows Nagypapa holding up a four foot banner with the inscription �Its Possible.� A highlighted box quotes Nagypapa: �The one thing no one can ever take from you is your education: never forget that."

3 August 2007: Nagypapa's article, "The Top of the Wall" was published on the interactive story blog Common Ties. More stories by and about Nagypapa can be found in his online memoirs: On Borrowed Time.

12 August 2007: Nagypapa invited the Shalhevet graduates to a Strudel Party, and subsequently composed the story: The Strudel Party.

First Pesach Seder
The Hellers host the Siegels
Charoset for all

Karen sent a pointer to JibJab Matzah.

Rav Mintz sent a pointer to Manischewitzville, a Passover video.

Also check out these funny Jewish musical slide shows:
Bad Attitude on Yom Kippur & The Fast Bris

83rd Birthday Climb MIT Chapel Wall
Rosanna sent these fish faces

3 March 2007: Nagypapa had a second bar mitzvah.

Jerry Callen has a Thunko page.

14 March 07: Becca and Steve attended a RJ Grey program called Project Wellness. Psychologist Dr. Rob Smith spoke about "How to perform your best under pressure" citing a study that found praising effort better than praising ability as described in the New York Magazine Article by Stanford professor Carol Dweck: The Power (and Peril) of Praising Your Kids, which Steve found extremely interesting and compelling.

Spring at MIT
Israel Folkdance Festival
Adam & Naomi danced
with Kesheroked
Leslie choreographed and danced
with Ruach Aviv

February 2007
Deb & Shari went to Puerto Rico
for gymnastics and fun
3: Chef Nagypapa You Tube Strudel Video

10: We attended a terriffic concert by Renee Brachfeld and Mark Novak, two Jewish Story Tellers.

17: Daniel and Karin hosted Nagypapa, Nagymama, and Steve and served Almond & Carrot Cake

21: Steve's friend Ned Resnikoff is featured 3:35 into the preview you can find on the Boston Cyberarts Festival. He's created some cyber art for Erev Shel Shoshanim.

25: Nagypapa eulogized Paul des Jardins

January 2007

Nagypapa taught Sam & Eva to make strudel

Naming of Yossi and Toby

Winter 2006-2007: 729 Passiflora Remodel

Crystal Anniversary December 2006: NYC Trip

Rosanna alerted me to an interesting geek phenomenon: Solving the Rubik's Cube Blindfolded! (Speedcubing Web Site)

Rosanna alerted me to an interesting social phenomenon: Free Hugs (video) and articles: Wikipedia and Sydney Morning Herald

Martial Arts or Marital Arts?: Master Po Tang Soo Do Video thanks to Mark


25 November 2006: Sam's Bar Mitzvah

November 2006: Becca wrote a Short Story: The End.

Dec 06: Nagypapa and Nagymama remember and honor Rabbi Erwin Zimet z'l and Lilli Zimet.

Fall 06: Apple Picking

Partners in Climb

Erika's Camp Nagymama Photos for 2006 (CN 2005)

10/9/06: Steve dJ is quoted in a North County Times article: Blaze engulfs Encinitas home

Remembering a Hero: Floyd Dade, Jr.

Sixty years have passed since Floyd Dade, Jr., an American soldiers, helped liberated the Mauthausen and Gunskirchen Concentration camps in Austria. Floyd dedicated his life to reminding people of the time when he saw the results of man�s inhumanity to man.

Surrounded in his last days by Edris, his wife of 42 years, Floyd Dade passed away peacefully on September 27, 2006 in San Francisco, CA. May the example of his life and the inspiration of his memory be for a blessing for us all.

September 2006: Karin & Daniel visited Acton.

In back: Daniel, Karin, Steve, Debbie
In front: Becca, Ilana, Shari

Already left for soccer practice: Naomi, Adam, Leslie

August 2006
After his dad had a close encounter of the racoon kind on an early morning ride, Sam designed him a new bicycle helmet. The Neils visited MA. Naomi and Neil were quoted in a Boston Globe article on the fall of the planet Pluto (cached copy). Nagypapa and Nagymama were interviewed for the Holocaust Oral History Project.

14 May 2006: Nagymama & Nagypapa visit Boston
Brunch with G. Grandma SiegelThe Gang Kids and kids at heart

24 April 2006: Holocaust survivors gathered in Sacramento CA. State Representative Rebecca Cohn and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger participated.

Nagymama and Nagypapa participated in the 2006 California Holocaust Memorial Week program. Rebecca Cohn's office published a book of survivor stories.

Nagypapa was interviewed by Jeff Weiss.
29 April 2006

Adam & Naomi joined Ilana in watching Becca's soccer game.

12 March 2006
CBE Purim Shpiel
A seasonal farce
Howard led us in singing
Paul took the photos
Howard Worona's Parody Songs:
Hey Man - Haman and the Rope Real High
Haman had a Gallows - The Shu-Shan Blues
Local professional photographer
Paul Friedman took these
and other amazing photos.

6 August 2005: Ilana's Birthday Party
Ilana's Party
Monkey crafts, swimming, and cake
She's Monkey Seven!

Becca's class developed the "Handshake Project" as reported in:

Heller Web Space: Images - Notes - Travel - Memories