Dottie Hilbert Info

Dottie Hilbert was a professional photographer in Acton MA, and we used her services regularly. Photos taken by Dottie Hilbert and posted on this web site were posted with Dottie's permission.

Sadly, Dottie died on 2 February 2008.

Early Feb 08

A Memorial for Dottie: A collection has been started to purchase a granite bench or birdbath or some type of gift to be installed at the Acton Arboretum in Dottie's memory. Many of her pictures were taken at the Arboretum and she and her family enjoyed walking there so this lovely setting has special significance. Dottie's family was very touched by this idea. If you would to contribute to this fund, please contact Beth Petr. If you don't know how, ask Steve.

A Memory Book for the Hilberts: Nancy Brown is gathering stories and memories of Dottie to be included in a special book for her family. If you have some thoughts to share please contact Nancy or Beth Petr. For those of you who have known Rodger, Nick, Nate, and/or Noah, Nancy would like to gather statements about what you appreciate or are grateful for about them. These will appear at the end of the album. If people have pictures they would like to share, Nancy will gladly scan them for the book and get them back to whomever sends them. If possible, please mark the back with your full name, and include a description of the photo.