Showing up is what you do

On Steve's birthday, after a delicious dinner prepared by Debbie with Randi and Sandy, Randi serenaded Steve.

In celebration of all the times you showed up for us. To the tune of "Breaking Up is Hard to Do."

Dear Debbie, you've got flair, Dear Debbie you take care (interj: of Steve), dear, dear, Debbie

You know that showing up is what you do.
Now you know, you know that it's true.
So glad that you are our friend.
A knock comes on the door, I hope it's Steve who's showing up again!

When you come in, you hug us tight.
You know how to hug with all your might.
And when you go then we'll be blue.
Cause showing up is what you do.

Dear, dear Debbie
Dear Debbie, you've got flair.
Dear, dear Debbie
Dear Debbie, you take care (interj: of Steve!)
Dear, dear Debbie... (fade out)

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