Thanksgiving 2005

Nagymama and Nagypapa flew east for a couple of weeks. Here are some photos from their excellent adventure.

Split Cousins

Nagymama and Naomi made snowmen.

Rebecca, Shari, and Ilana were eager to play their instruments.

Nagymama and Nagypapa went out to eat with their grandchildren.

Ama (Leslie's mother in law Phyllis) brought her "favorite photo," shown on the left, taken around 1995. (Caption: Phyllis Siegel, Danbury - Husband Ed Siegel, left, and Steve Heller are"recuperating after dinner," says Phyliss.) Our friend Greg Turetsky is in the background. In the photo on the right, taken in 2005, Eddie is replaced by his son Evan. Same couch, new house, same hand-sewn children's book: The Rainbow Zebra.

Cousin David, Susie, Danny, and Alyssa hosted dinner in NYC.

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