Menlo Hellers Photo Gallery

January 2020: Nagymama and her lifelong friend Marlene in Santa Barbara

June 2019: Nagymama at Leslie's boxing class

December 2017: Nagymama toasts the holidays.

October 2015: Nagymama and Nina, Halloween style.

October 2015: Nagymama at Alzheimer's walk: three miles.

March 2015: Nagymama at Big Sur and in Encinitas. Teaching Georgette's granddaughter Piasley to knit.

October 2014: Nagymama's on the move with the Moldaw Movers.

May 2014: Nagymama is celebrated on her birthday by the hiking community and then by "The Neils."

August 2013: Nagymama at Camp Avenidas

August 2013: Nagymama's new doors as she thinks about moving on: door v'door.

May 2013: Happy 83rd Birthday Nagymama!
(no, I don't know why they are sideways. Click them to fix them.)

March 2013: Nagypapa's 89th birthday, with Nagymama.

May 2012: In celebration of Nagymama's eighty-second birthday,

Nagypapa, Neil, Debbie, Eva, and Nina took Nagymama for brunch at the Cliff House in San Francisco.

April 2012: Nina (grade 5) is making an inexpensive calculating device that fits in a shirt pocket. She took about 15 minutes to construct her set of Napier's Bones using craft sticks that cost about two cents for all ten sticks.

April 1st, 2012: Quanta in the Press - In hunt for low-energy computing, QRC rediscovers Napier's Bones

September 16, 2011

Happy Anniversary Nagymama & Nagypapa!

May 2011

Nagymama's art on our virtual refrigerator.

A birthday picture taken at the Senior Center in Redwood City where Nagymama teaches a Digital Photo class.

May 2011

Happy 81 to Nagymama!

November 2010

Nagymama and her new car.

Tante Klari (at 97) and her favorite dog.

July 2010: Nagymama attends PAWMA (Pacific Association of Women Martial Artists)

I had a great day today with the Pacific Association of Women Martial Artists.

I started the day at 6:30am participating in a Danzan Ryu Movement class. This was followed by Contemporary Hula. My next class was a Lower Body Roots where we tried to connect with our pelvic bones working on longitudinal alignment.

After lunch I did Power Drumming and had a lot of fun. Loud noises always bother me, but the drumming got me in my guts. A very different kind of noise.

I then tried Cane the Ultimate Weapon. I gave up on that one.

My last activity was Acupuncture Happy Hour.

The whole day felt as if a yoke had been lifted off my shoulders.


Nagypapa's MIT 50th reunion.

Spring 2009

Nagypapa "operates" Babbage�s Difference Engine No. 2 at the Computer History Museum (CHM) in Mountain View CA. on May 23, 2009. The visit was part of a Memorial Service for Dick Delp, a docent at the CHM, arranged by Nagymama and Nagypapa. A longtime friend of the family, Dick was our teacher, mentor and role model whose immense knowledge of computers had greatly benefited the maintenance of the Hellers� computers� good health.

Pura Vida!

A "Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition" and a personal letter "proud to honor your dedication to academic excellence and achievement in our schools" by Glen W. Thoman, Secretary of Education of the State of California, both dated April 26, 2009 were presented to Nagypapa at the Peninsula Temple Sholom religious school dedication of the new Holocaust Memorial Garden created by the seventh grade students. Nagypapa was one of three Holocaust Survivors honored this way at this special celebration.

Eva Visited in December 2008

Here are some photos from Lompoc. In the bottom-right photo, Nagymama and Klari sit in front of Eva, and Monique (Klari's daughter).

The Knitwits Bake Apple Strudel using the Strudel-Makers' Flow Chart

Camp Nagymama: December 2008

Winter Camp 2008 began in San Carlos

Erika & Nagypapa climbed the wall at the Palo Alto YMCA

Tech Museum in San Jose, during the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit

Parachutes and Submarines

Tech Museum in San Jose, during the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit

Eva, Nina, and Deb got some perspective

Happy 85th Birthday Nagypapa!!!

What I have learned (video, 2.3MB)

Some words about the Holocaust (video, 6.9MB)

My Bar Mitzvahs were simple affairs (video, 2.7MB)

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