Oregon Trip: June & July 2007

Along with the cousins, we visited Klamath Falls, Oregon on the occasion of Grammy and Burt's Golden Anniversary. We stayed at the lovely Running Y Ranch.

The Lava Beds National Monument was nearby in CA.

Steve, Deb, Doug, Ilana, Becca, Shari, Burt, Jack, Russell, Polly, Grammy

The lava flows formed caves, and we explored one.

Grammy, Becca, Shari, Ilana

The Running Y offered riding of various varieties.

Burt. Becca, Doug, Ilana, Alexa, Shari, Grammy, Debbie

Low Rider Ilana

Another beautiful stop was Crater Lake National Monument

kids: Jack, Becca, Ilana, Shari, Alexa, Doug

big kids: Steve, Deb, Burt, Polly, Russell, Grammy

Kids on rocks

Jack, Becca, Ilana, Shari, Alexa, Doug

The young cousins still had energy on the trip home.

Ilana & Jack

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