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October 2010: Ilana picking a pumpkin.

September 2009

9/8: Ilana learning to ride a unicycle (video: .mov & .m4v).
9/18: Ilana riding a unicycle (video: .mov & .m4v).
9/21: Ilana free-mouning her unicycle (video: .mov & .m4v).
9/26: Ilana riding with Steve (video: .mov & .m4v).

Fall 2008


At Sesame Place
Ilana is in heaven
In Grover Heaven
The feared Sticker Pox
A childhood skin condition
Could be serious

Ilana's Gymnastics videos
EventDateMeetFile Size
All 1/21/07Beast12.0MB
Bars 3/06Exxcel4.7MB
Floor 2/06Little Bigger9.7MB
Beam 2/06Little Bigger9.1MB

Amazing Monkeys: 8 Oct 05 & 1 Oct 05
Shooting Stars: Spring 06

Beast of the North-East: 20-21 Jan 07 (video)

January 2007: Gymnastics

March 2006: Gymnastics

January 2006: Gymnastics

24 September 2005: Monkey See; Monkey Do!
Three Friendly Monkeys
Gwylan, Claire, and Ilana
Play Ball Together

Ilana and Christalle

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