On Borrowed Time: George Heller's Memoirs

Nagypapa often described his life after WWII as borrowed time.

Donations in memory of George Heller to the JFCS Holocaust Center (2150 Post Street, San Francisco, CA 94115) will be directed to Holocaust education.

April 2013: Nagypapa's memorial service was on 24 April 2013, and he was lovingly remembered.

Written by Nagypapa

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Young George,
his sister Kat´┐Ż,
and Grandma.
Medium George.

Nagypapa lived with Sari neni and Uncle George from 1946 until 1954.

September 89: Uncly Hy, Nagymama, Vera-neni, & Nagypapa in Chicago.

Climbing with Nagypapa
Spring 2005:
81st Birthday Climb
Spring 2006:
82nd Birthday Climb
Spring 2007:
83rd Birthday Climb
Spring 2008:
84rd Birthday Climb
Spring 2009:
85th Birthday Climb
Spring 2010:
86th Birthday Climb
Spring 2011:
87th Birthday Climb
Spring 2003 Winter 2006

George (far left) simultaneously translating at a Displaced Person's camp in Linz,
Austria in 1946.

Bindermichl Community Jewish Settler front and back of card

Demonstration/protest at DP camp in 1946

1946: Miss Sheriff at DP Camp
Miss Sheriff visited us in Bethesda and played "ladies ride" with both Karen and Steve, the ladies ride we did with our children in the past and still do with our grandchildren to this day. Miss Sheriff was the Principal Welfare Officer of the UNRRA Team in Bindermichel, a wonderful person from Edingborough, Scotland.

A "Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition" and a personal letter "proud to honor your dedication to academic excellence and achievement in our schools" by Glen W. Thoman, Secretary of Education of the State of California, both dated April 26, 2009 were presented to Nagypapa at the Peninsula Temple Sholom religious school dedication of the new Holocaust Memorial Garden created by the seventh grade students. Nagypapa was one of three Holocaust Survivors honored this way at this special celebration.

March 9, 2011: Nagypapa was the guest luncheon speaker of the Menlo Park, California Rotary Club. He spoke about his experiences as a slave laborer and a Concentration Camp inmate during World War II, and how he rebuilt his life in the United States and his work as a computer scientist.

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