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Martial Arts have been an enormous part of my life. I share my experience with images and prose. I hope you enjoy reading these stories them as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

This is a long term project that I estimate is half completed.

Now that many years have passed since I began this project, it seems unlikely that I will ever finish, so ... please send me your ideas, whether they be additions, corrections, or suggestions to me at: my-first-name [at-sign] hellers [dot] ws. One of the nicest aspects of this project is that I've gotten in touch with old friends, met new people, and even connected together people I did not know.

Stories and Images

Specific Subjects and Events


Date Online Document Author
16 June 1959 Seoul Shinmoon statement Duk Sung Son
1985 Thoughts - The Body Center Steve Heller
198? Thoughts - Isolation and Combination Steve Heller
4 August 1994 Black-belt summer camp Peter Everett
November 1995 The West Coast Blue Wave Special Issue Dong Hoon Kim

All the content (both text and images) on these pages is either mine, used with permission, or taken from what I believe to be the public domain. If I've erred, please let me know (my-first-name [at-sign] hellers [dot] ws). For almost all images on this site, I have higher resolution versions on our home computer, so let me know if you'd like to make a print.

Martial Arts: Steve's Story - Timeline - People - Schools - Organizations
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