June 1990: Trip to Hungary

Nagymama, Nagypapa, Anyuci (Nagymama's mother), Leslie and Steve visited Hungary in June of 1990.

Nagymama, Nagypapa, and Anyuci stayed with Magda néni and Gyurka bácsi, Márti's parents.

Magda néni és anyukám

Nagymama, Nagypapa, and Gyurka bácsi

Leslie and Steve stayed with Márti, András, and Ádám.

This is the apartment in Budapest where Nagypapa grew up.

Péter, Éva, Jutka, & András hosted us all for lunch.

We spent some time touring Budapest.

Leslie sits on my shoulders outside Nagypapa's Gymnasium.

We headed north to visit Balassagyarmat. This is the house where Anyuci grew up. A couple of ladies (her contemporaries) we met on the street remembered her from their childhood.

In Balassagyarmat we went out to lunch (pork was the only meat available at the restaurant), and then for rétes (strudel) at this shop.

Göd is between Budapest and Balassagyarmat. This road sign indicates one is leaving Göd.

Nagypapa and Nagymama treated all the relatives to dinner at a local restaurant. Anyuci was the guest of honor. Nagymama made sure there was lots of dancing.

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