Charlotte's Net

Hi Girls! I'm Charlotte, your ABHS Varsity Soccer Team Buddy!!

Here are some tips to improve your soccer.

Tips of the Week

Tip 1: The Four Most Important Soccer Topics

  1. Movement
  2. Communication
  3. Passing
  4. First Touch

Girls, always keep these four things in mind! When you don't have the ball, move so you can receive a pass!

Tip 2: Shooting

When you are setting up to take a shot, remember to have accuracy and power. Also, try to land on your kicking foot, which would result from a powerful shot!! If you all keep this in mind, I guarantee you will score lots of goals!!

Tip 3: Containing & Defending

When someone is dribbling towards you, you always want to face them at an angle. Think of this as "surfing!" Keep your feet moving and stay low to the ground. If you go towards them head on, they can move quickly around you, or nutmeg you!

Tip 4: When to Tackle

Tackle the ball as the attacker makes her turn. She will be caught off guard and will not know what to do when you start dribbling down the field!! Always remember to immediatly close the player down so she can not turn and make a pass!

Tip 5: Have Fun

If you have fun, you will play better as a team!! Don't forget to have fun!!