Martial Arts Camp in the Woods
Old Friends Fight Again

ETKDU Camp 18: 16-18 September 2005

After attending the first seven ETKDU camps from 1988 to 1994, I took a break from both camp and martial arts training altogether. After working on these martial arts web pages in the spring and early summer of 2005, I started to reconnect with people and get psyched to revisit my roots. I called up my old friend and classmate Mark Miller, and we decided to converge on a familiar place, ETKDU Fall Camp. I hadn't planned to work out much, and in the end I didn't, but I worked out more than I planned, and remembered more than I expected, although any flexibility was gone.

It was a pleasure to join my old teachers and friends Bob Dvorkin and Ted Hillson, and to reconnect with Danny Iasbarrone, Mickey Pendleton, and Crissey and Joe Calkins. I had delightful conversations with Debbie Hillson, and I couldn't believe how grown up Alex-anna was. I also reconnected with the familiar faces of Delores (and met her family), and Dave and his students.

I over-did it, but recovered in less than a week. I very much enjoyed going back to a familiar place, communing with nature, walking among sympathetic spirits, and fighting with old friends.

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Joining my teachers and friends, I can no longer distinguish which is teacher and which is friend. What a happy realization.

Danny Teaches Class Friday Afternoon

Ted Hillson Teaches.

Ted demonstrates bagua.

Ted Teaches Bagua.

Mickey Pendleton Tests for Fourth Degree Black Belt. Mickey teaches a cless in NH.

Joe Caulkins Demonstrates Tai Chi Defense. Joe has been affected by Parkinsons' for six years, and his mobility is limited. He continues to teach and demonstrate Tai Chi, and he claims it has kept him alive.

Dave's Belt Defense

Black Belt Give-away on the Beach

Steve, Debbie, Alex-Anna, and Ted.

Mickey, Bob, Danny, and Crissey

Mickey, Danny, Steve, and Crissey

Mark and Steve

Steve and Danny

Ted Kicks.

Alex-Anna kicks back.

Dave's Gang

Ted Hillson

Joe with Mickey and Steve

Camp Cups

Camp Scenes

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